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Aegis Financial Circle (“Aegis”) is conceived to create a community of international partners: investors, investment professionals, and Asian entrepreneurs, to take advantage of the huge opportunities in Asia. Aegis is a community comprising people who not only are very capable: they uphold the highest standards in integrity and honesty.

Singapore-based, Aegis group of investment management companies was founded in the year 2000 on the aspirations of establishing a circle of friends to promote entrepreneurialism, create wealth, and to contribute to social causes. We believe passionately in the role of democracy, the free market, and entrepreneurs, to advance the Asian society. We like to invite like-minded partners to join us in this exciting world of Aegis. We seek those who share in our performance-first values and fairness in life. Most of all, we want partners who believe in ‘win-win’ strategies in all aspects of life.

Aegis is located in Singapore; the only triple “A” (S&P) rated country in Asia and is reputed for its political and financial stability. Singapore is also well known for its honest and corruption-free government.

Aegis is the link in the circle of finance, where Aegis is the enabler of wealth creation for all involved. We bring Western capital through Singapore as intermediary and deploy these funds to good, and to profit, in Asian companies.”

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